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By installing our paid products, you are agreeing to use it ONLY with the applicable number of OpenCart installations for which you purchased licenses.
No matter the number of licenses purchased, redistribution or re-sale of this extension is NOT allowed. Multiple OpenCart installations (if they are multi-store installations) are covered by a single license, provided you are the sole owner and profiter of all stores.
If you receive any type of revenue from someone else for a store, you must purchase a license for that store.
Our extensions are provided for the default installation (theme) of OpenCart.
No guarantee is provided that it will work with other customizations you have made.
We retain all rights to our work.

Q: Can I transfer my license to a new domain?
A: No your license is tied to 1 domain only and you will need to purchase a new license for the new domain.

Q: Is it possible to try the extension on a test environment?
A: Yes this is possible. After purchasing, install the extension on you test environment and register it.
When you are done with testing please open a support ticket and we will change the license to your live environment.

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