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Recommended file permissions
Last Updated 6 years ago

After installing Opencart people often forget to check if all file permissions are set correctly.
Usually when installing Opencart the Opencart installer asks you to make certain folders and files writable.
The best way to do this is to set them as CHMOD 755 but some servers will not allow that and you will need to set the permission to CHMOD 777.

This is no problem but after you are done installing and all is working you should recheck the files and folders and set the permissions as recommend below here for security reasons.
The most important permissions are of the config.php and index.php files.

* Orange is recommended

Opencart 2.x
Image (chmod 755 or 777)
Image/cache (chmod 755 or 777)
Image/catalog (chmod 755 or 777)

Opencart 2.0.x
system/cache (chmod 755 or 777)
system/download (chmod 755 or 777)
system/logs (chmod 755 or 777)
system/modification (chmod 755 or 777)
system/upload (chmod 755 or 777)

Opencart 2.1.x - 2.2.x - 2.3.x
system/storage/cache (chmod 755 or 777)
system/storage/download (chmod 755 or 777)
system/storage/logs (chmod 755 or 777)
system/storage/modification (chmod 755 or 777)
system/storage/upload (chmod 755 or 777)


Opencart 2.x
index.php (chmod 444 or 644)
config.php (chmod 444 or 644)
admin/index.php (chmod 444 or 644)
admin/config.php (chmod 444 or 644)

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