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Extension is not appearing
Last Updated 6 years ago

If the extension is not appearing after installation it could be a couple of things:

- VQMod problem
- Cache issue
- Extension conflicts with another extension
- Bug in the extension

VQMod Problem:


The most common problem are:
- An out-dated version of VQMod
- VQMod is corrupted and not working.

Click HERE to go to the VQMod FAQ and find a solution.

Cache Issue


Sometimes an extension won't appear due to a cache error.
If you have checked the above and the extension still won't appear please try clearing your modification cache.
In Admin go to Modification and click on the blue refresh button in the top right corner.

Extension Conflict:


To see if there might be extension conflict you'll need to check your VQMod error log.
The error log file is located on your server root in the: vqmod/log folder, here you'll find log files with a day name like 2_Tue.log
Open the log file of your current day with a text editor and search for our extension name.
If our extension name is in your log file please contact us and sent us the log file.

Bug in the extension:


Sometimes there can be a bug in our extensions due to so many Opencart versions.
If you feel something is not working as it should and you have tried all of the above solutions please feel free to contact us and we will look in to the issue.

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